Work with me

I work with architects, contractors, home builders, homeowners .... and I'd love to work with you. 

We always start with a face to face to discuss the goals of the project. Depending on the scope of work either provide a quote for the project or bill hourly. 


Architectural Design & Custom Furniture

With a background in Industrial Design I have the ability to design something that can be built and actually explain how to build it. On this custom cabinetry project I have to work whiten a very tight tolerance. We had less than an inch of 'wiggle room'! The appliances that went into this cabinet had specific ventilation needs for heat and moisture. On top of all of it, these cabinets were to be build to match the existing cabinetry from the sixties. The project went on without a hitch and I was surprised that I didn't receive a single call from the cabinet maker asking to explain the design. Design created in Google Sketchup.


Finish Selection & Coordination  

Color tends to fall on the spectrum of being overlooked to being overwhelming. I have worked across many industries with color, materials, and trending. Whether you want a pop of color you can live with for a long time.... picking a wall color that complements a family heirloom....or coordinating your back-splash with your countertop, with your.... you get the point. 

Color has a huge impact on the way you will feel in a space. When colors clash it can increase your anxiety. If your colors are too dull you could become bored and uninterested in interacting with the space. 

Color is one of the least expensive ways to make a huge impact. You can have me simply come over with a paint fan deck or we can go to vendors to pick out your materials. Some clients just want a mood board that they can take with them when they go shopping. There are many ways we can work together!


Feng Shui Design

"Feng means “wind” and shui translates to “water” in Chinese. This comes from an ancient poem and reflects upon how human life can be ideal if we connect and live in flow with the environment around us." -

I like to think of feng shui as the dance that we do in our home. There is the music, the dance floor, the dancers, the lighting.... It's less about teaching you new dance moves and more about being the DJ of your space. Let's set the scene for your dance moves to shine!