"Jes saved my sanity (and possibly my marriage!). My wife and I rent a small house. It’s charming but old and quirky, and never felt comfortable to me. In fact, it drove me crazy. We tried moving furniture around, buying (and often returning) items, nothing seemed to help. I felt utterly stuck. As a last gasp measure, I googled “feng shui” and “Bloomington.” Jess’s website came up. Turns out my business partner knew her - and said “Jess was great.” With that, I took the plunge and scheduled a consult. Together — after surprisingly deep discussions about our tastes, our communication styles, our dreams, needs and relationship to home and each other — we transformed the place in ways I never envisioned, discarding items that were blocking energy and flow (and doors!), and moving, mixing and marching possessions in creative ways. And it was fun! The opposite of overwhelming and stressful, the main feelings I had when trying to tackle this without help. If you feel stuck and hopeless in your space, I would highly recommend One of the best investments I’ve ever made."  - Mitch T.


"Working with Jessica was fun and inspiring. She gave me low-cost tips and ideas for transforming my space. She encouraged me to commit my extra room for the guest space I've always wanted and immediately after I did that a friend called from out of town to say they were visiting! Amazing." - Sarah B. 


"Jes is intuitive, kind, tapped in, and amazing to work with. She listens and works hard to provide the most value to her clients." - Kaja P.


"Jes makes it easier to invite people over, clean with intent, and feel the power of home regardless of your zipcode and size." - Bernard C.


"Jes has helped immensely with clearing clutter and choosing beautiful paint colors in my home. Not only does she have skill... she also has a lovely quality about her... bringing ease, acceptance, and joy to the whole process." - Greta L.


"Jessica is a unique creative thinker - I have seen her mature through her career and she is without a doubt an amazing designer that brings her ideas with confidence. She has the ability to dive into future trends and envision where they lead and bring them into relevance within the project. Jessica is a delight to work with and I always look forward to more of these creative projects with her." - Pennee S.


"I have had the privilege of knowing Jessica as one of my students and later as a friend. She is a person that is very dependable, conscientious, and responsible. She works well in a group or team situation as well as an individual contributor to any project with which she is associated. I highly recommend her as a talented creative and dependable designer that would be an valuable asset to take on any design responsibility." - Bill B.


"Jessica fosters a curiosity for the design process that makes her unique and a valuable asset to our design department. In the time that Jessica has worked with our group, I've learned that she is a quick study with a versatile skill set. Her industrial design background make it easy for her to understand design intent and create CFM strategies that support a design vision. I have work with Jessica on several small and large, long term projects. In both scenarios, Jessica has been a key driver on interpreting home and fashion trends into viable business strategies. Her desire to learn is evident by her knowledge of material applications and processes. Jessica is a great team member with an ability communicate her thoughts well; she is a contributor in design critiques and handles critiques of her work extremely well. Working with Jessica has always been a pleasure." - Michael K.