About Me

We truly are a product of our environment. I noticed that every time I moved, my life would take a shift in another direction - or problematic situations would improve. As someone that has lived in Indiana, Michigan, Hong Kong, and California - I can say that moving is not a long term solution to improving your life. While starting over can be fun, it can also take a toll on your bank account and be difficult to make friends in a new place.

You can achieve this same satisfying shift without losing your besties and draining your bank account.

Buying new furniture, hiring an interior designer, or doing a remodel of your home can be incredibly expensive. While all of this will have a wonderful impact on your environment - you can improve your home with much less time, cost, and effort.

Here's the plan. Let's work with what you've got. Actually, let's work with less than you have now. Most of us have those last few boxes that we just dumped the junk drawer in as we got tired of packing up all of our stuff. Even more of us feel that we need a bigger house - that there's just not enough room.

We have become hardwired to keep buying more stuff. How do you know what stuff you actually need and what should you keep?

When you work with me we start by talking about what matters most to you. What are your goals? What are your challenges? Are you feeling stuck? Once we are able to identify what is most important, letting go of things is much easier.

I help you throw things away, we can donate to local organizations that are meaningful to you, and find special items in your home that were buried through time. Once we eliminate all the stuff that doesn't matter we move on to the flow and arrangement of your home.

We will discuss how you want to use specific areas, arrange furniture, and talk about color. You'll have the opportunity to get a full color consultation for every room. Then you can decide if you would like to paint yourself or hire a local craftsman.

Sounds like fun, doesn't it?
Imagine yourself in your clutter-free home with a fresh coat of paint!


When you work with me you are getting over a decade of color and design expertise. I received a degree in Industrial Design from Purdue University. I focused on studying how people do things and how to create solutions to help them do it better.

As I graduated, I had the chance to enter the specialization of Color and Material Design. I worked at Whirlpool (in Michigan) and got to help create fun washing machine colors and anti-fingerprint stainless steel refrigerators. Later I moved to California and worked for Nokia. I did trending and ethnographic research which included a trip to Burning Man. Because of my study abroad experience in Hong Kong, I got to be the color designer that collaborated with the team in China.

I was sad to have to leave my job at Nokia, but excited to begin my next position at Honda. I got to work on interior and exterior color-material design. Out of all of the products that I designed for, you get to create the strongest emotional connection with a car.

I began to realize how much of an impact to the interior of a vehicle has on your mood, focus, and feeling of importance. I understood how color and texture could do this though studying trends and color psychology, but I knew there had to be more.

I wanted to find a way to influence mood and performance in the same way the car’s stereo does. We understand that we listen to certain music when we want to be in a better mood, are trying to focus at work, or when we are at a party. The choice doesn’t just come from the lyrics - myself, I often don’t even know what the lyrics are - It come’s from the feeling of the music.

It’s the same way you get feeling of importance is a car with supple leather upholstery. If the car has a hard scratchy cloth interior, you may not get the feeling of being someone important. The materials we use matter.

All materials create a feeling. Part of this is due to our experiences, but as I explored this topic further, I found that the sound coming from the car stereo, the color choices, and the materials - all have one thing in common - Resonance.

What is Resonance? Resonance is the inherent natural frequency of light (color is created by varying light reflection), sound, or of an object. Some things have a resonance (or frequency) that is beneficial to us, while others do not. When something doesn’t have a beneficial frequency (good vibes) it can create a less positive experience.

To understand this connection better I began to study Energy Medicine. I learned of beneficial properties of sound, color and natural materials (like crystals and herbs). This led me to study Chinese Medicine at Emperor’s College and become a Certified Feng Shui Consultant with Feng Shui Master, Tisha Morris.

I always wanted to become a designer so that I could help people do things easier and live a happier life. I never would have expected that this is where I would end up, but I have to say that I wake up every day feeling so thankful for the life I have created and the wonderful people I get to work with.


Nerd Alert! My brain became wired very early to understand color. I am less than 2 years old in this photo.
Nerd Alert!
My brain became wired very early to understand color.
This was before my 2nd birthday!

In addition to providing Feng Shui and Color assistance to my clients I also practice Energy Medicine. I call this modality Aurawork. In an Aurawork session we work on the area of subtle energy surrounding your body. This is called the bio-field or the Aura. Stressful situations and even a home that has disorder can create areas in your bio-field where energy gets stuck.

This stuck energy (or Spiritual and Emotional Clutter) can be caused by painful memories, trauma, or a bad habit. Sometimes (although mostly quite helpful) talk therapy can reinforce these experiences because you continue to remember and talk about them. Perhaps, you notice telling the same story again and again to your friends.

When this happens we address the stagnant area through energy work and Feng Shui. Every situation is unique, and we can discuss what would work best for you.

If it is something energetic going on, it can eventually become physical pain or even disease. This happens because the energy can not move freely. Think of a stagnant pool of water. Eventually, that water will become gross, like a petri dish of growing bacteria.

Energetic modalities like Feng Shui and Aurawork Energy Medicine should be used with the understanding that it is part of a holistic treatment plan. It is not meant to take the part of standard medical or psychological treatment, but to accompany and work alongside it. Please work with your primary care physician first, and only use energetic modalities as a supplement.

If you would like to know more about the energetic modalities I offer outside of Feng Shui you can find more information here.