Wellness Studio - Commercial Design

This project began before there was a space to be designed. I worked with the business to help define the size and configuration of the leased space. There were a lot of variables to keep into consideration such as accessibility, parking, noise, function, and square footage. The perfect location ended up being a concrete slab that needed a complete buildout. 

I coordinated with the business managers, architect, general contractor and building manager to develop the buildout plan. The architect created the construction documents based on the working floorplan I created. 

When designing for a business, It's incredibly important that the brand is defined before starting the interior design. In this case, the business was brand new so I did some fun group exercises to help define the brand image. I asked each member of the team to pick the keywords that most resonated with the vision that they had of the brand. From there, I mapped out the words on the design image scale. Words that were chosen by multiple members of the team had more weight. The top three words for this brand image were: Friendly, Energetic, and Peaceful. 

Everything from the color palette, the font, material usage, and furnishings was based on this brand image word exercise. A mood imageboard was created to make sure the team was aligned with the brand image. 

Members of the team worked together to source the furnishings and create the fixtures needed. Dimensioned renderings were made in SketchUp to aid in furniture selection.

Each team member selected their room colors based on the coordinated color palette. The overall design and feel of the space were successful.

Architect: Studio 3 Design

General Contractor: Kent Kimmel

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