Creating Art for Feng Shui

Sometimes I find spaces that need custom art to create the effect I am looking for. I wanted to incorporate the flowing water element at the entrance of my home. I haven’t found the right place for a fountain on the interior or exterior - and in general, haven’t found any fountains that I like! I decided I would paint the elemental energy I wanted in this space.

This painting uses gold to symbolize the sun - the triangle represents the fire element - and the black squiggles are for water. The sun represents the energy of everything. Solar energy is absorbed by all of us on the planet. The fire is the energy we create. Who we are and how we are seen. The water is flow and abundance. Water represents opportunities coming into your life.

This painting was completed in June 2019 by Jes Miller. Acrylic and gold leaf on canvas - 24" x 36". Inspired by elemental energies, feng shui design, and Bauhaus Art. The painting is currently displayed in the home of Jes Miller. 

I just had to share this little guy that was hanging out with me as the gold layer of paint was drying. He seems to be soaking up the sunshine. 



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