Fountain Drive - Bathroom Remodel

Jes Miller

The bathroom was an afterthought in this home built before 1900. Replacing the original outhouse, this humble retreat had a footprint of 3' x 6' containing the vanity and toilet. The shower to the left of the vanity was a dark and dingy mobile home grade shell that was difficult to move around in.

We converted this 2 bed/1bath home to a one-bedroom with ensuite. The 700 floorplan is now more usable with plenty of space for relaxing and entertaining. 

The closet from the eliminated bedroom became a spacious full tile shower. 

A pocket door replaced the previous swing door between the bedroom and bath eliminating frustrating congestion in the mornings. The vanity was built into the space that previously housed the shower, plumbing, and storage. 

The new bathroom design is light and open while creating an efficient use of space in this small home. 

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